Shards of reason

Session 2

Party Gains
+1 peasant’s clothes (To Theo)
+1 crossbow (Sold)
+10 bolts (Sold)
+1 silver whistle (Party (who has this?))
There is a nearby river that is approximately 30ft wide, however is rising with the rainfall
Near-by river is the Diamond River which is South of the Court, and going down the river will lead us to the Port
Rumors are as follows so far:
Capital is being sealed
Knights have been dispatched to the Port and Major cities
Court is silent
Camp just outside of a wagon circle, but Jam notices a disturbance during her midnight watch and alerts the others
Notice the following:
Wagon is tipped over
One dude is upset with another dude but a big shadow with red eyes moves behind the fire and the first dude stops and goes quiet
Another dude speaks up “This breaks every trade agreement we have with this land! You can’t do this!”
deep growl from shifting shadow monster thing
Notices the monster has scales (looks like a Drake)
There are 4 maybe 5 men in scalemail
Men are looking for a Holy symbol which is also a weapon
Theo intervenes for Diplomacy: “Dude that’s not cool! Stop!”
Guard/Man/thing 1: Anything of value?
Guardman Thing 2: No
Guardman Thing 1: we would have found something interesting by now, let’s go
A “Particular” merchant rewards us (Rupert)
+1 crushed Red Flower leaves (worth 200g)
+1 Devil Weed extract (5g)
+1 vial of liquid Agony (200g)
End Session:
Sell Crossbow and 10 bolts for 76g (Split between Theo and Cari)
The rest of the night passes uneventfully
+500 XP


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