Shards of reason

Session 1

Session Start (7/24/2016)
Wake up in temperate forest with fine oaks
Vaguely remember:
Going to a tavern and taking a job from “Steve” (Find out in Session 3 that the name of the tavern is The Golden Goose and is in fact within the Capitol)
Long robe
White skin
Starting spell, walking into castle, chandelier fall, terror, something chasing us, door opens, someone laughing, thunder rain
Theo is -10 arrows
Art is -5 arrows
Cari is +1 Holy Symbol w/blood
Jam is -1 throwing axe
Hear dogs chasing, “They’re over here”
Large balding, heavy crossbow, brand new/ not wealthy, breastplate over chest, some sort of common man
“By the Queen… Surrender for your crimes against the Crown and Queen”
Our Crimes:
Sexual harassment of royalty
Public indecency
Disturbing the peace
Destruction of private property
Murder of 4 Nobles of Court
(there were in fact a few witnesses)
End Session:
Tree on fire, standing in the rain while the dog and guard lie dead at our feet
Killing blows by Art and Tootsy respectively
+100 XP


amlug amlug

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