Shards of reason

Session 3

Party decides to sell 2 vials and powder when able to
Gather information: (25, 13, 16)
Court of Lords control commerce
Elves are withdrawing contact and a crystal spire popped up in their land and no one can get close
Forests are now imitating everyday animals
Bushes that look like bunnies running around (dust bunny analogy)
Tribe raiding and killing people but only taking the dead (?) bodies
Blacksmith Angles McFire stopped Drinking (gasp!)
Party decides to investigate raiding tribe for XP
Follow a lead that leads us to Westwind Village and notice
Lot of structures aren’t standing
No fires just smoke
No people
Blood on ground
Wood buildings burned, stone buildings smashed
Art feels something off
Definitely evil presence
No wildlife
No signs of people
Party gains +1 loincloth (Theo acquires)
Find locked chest and smash it open to find
Has odd seal with some divination spell with some sort of If/Then trigger
Five bags with 50g worth of silver
Pickled organs (with minor preservation/non-smashing spells on them)
3 jars smashed out of the 8 total jars
Find old tracks leading out of town towards the woodland area (tracks are at least 3 days old)
Follow tracks to a deliberately cleared clearing with totem in middle
Carved fairly recently out of a living oak tree
No traps
No ties
No arrows/darts going to come out of it’s eyes
Slightly evil
Totem to a minor god
Wolf/Tootsy is super super uncomfortable
Senses we’re not alone
Starts growling
Party notices a bird
Wooden black bird with no eyes in the eye sockets but it’s still looking at us and moving like a bird (super fecking creepy)
Kobold pops out of earth hatch with tray to feed totem
Party “kills” bird and when we take out the axe termites start falling out of it and we hear a faint scream
Bell starts to ring within the forest (nearby-ish)
Light totem on fire
Cari uses the Leaf of Hiding (which is still green)
4 humanoid shapes come into clearing with swords drawn shouting in another (local) language
4 Killed by:
Jam’s Axe
Jam’s axe and Theo’s arrow
Jam Axe
Theo arrow
6 more come and killed by:
Art’s arrow
Cari’s mace
Theo’s arrow
Cari’s backhand
Theo’s arrow
Art’s arrow
End Session:
Still standing in clearing with dead bodies
+400XP for total of 1000XP and Level Up next session

Session 2

Party Gains
+1 peasant’s clothes (To Theo)
+1 crossbow (Sold)
+10 bolts (Sold)
+1 silver whistle (Party (who has this?))
There is a nearby river that is approximately 30ft wide, however is rising with the rainfall
Near-by river is the Diamond River which is South of the Court, and going down the river will lead us to the Port
Rumors are as follows so far:
Capital is being sealed
Knights have been dispatched to the Port and Major cities
Court is silent
Camp just outside of a wagon circle, but Jam notices a disturbance during her midnight watch and alerts the others
Notice the following:
Wagon is tipped over
One dude is upset with another dude but a big shadow with red eyes moves behind the fire and the first dude stops and goes quiet
Another dude speaks up “This breaks every trade agreement we have with this land! You can’t do this!”
deep growl from shifting shadow monster thing
Notices the monster has scales (looks like a Drake)
There are 4 maybe 5 men in scalemail
Men are looking for a Holy symbol which is also a weapon
Theo intervenes for Diplomacy: “Dude that’s not cool! Stop!”
Guard/Man/thing 1: Anything of value?
Guardman Thing 2: No
Guardman Thing 1: we would have found something interesting by now, let’s go
A “Particular” merchant rewards us (Rupert)
+1 crushed Red Flower leaves (worth 200g)
+1 Devil Weed extract (5g)
+1 vial of liquid Agony (200g)
End Session:
Sell Crossbow and 10 bolts for 76g (Split between Theo and Cari)
The rest of the night passes uneventfully
+500 XP

Session 1

Session Start (7/24/2016)
Wake up in temperate forest with fine oaks
Vaguely remember:
Going to a tavern and taking a job from “Steve” (Find out in Session 3 that the name of the tavern is The Golden Goose and is in fact within the Capitol)
Long robe
White skin
Starting spell, walking into castle, chandelier fall, terror, something chasing us, door opens, someone laughing, thunder rain
Theo is -10 arrows
Art is -5 arrows
Cari is +1 Holy Symbol w/blood
Jam is -1 throwing axe
Hear dogs chasing, “They’re over here”
Large balding, heavy crossbow, brand new/ not wealthy, breastplate over chest, some sort of common man
“By the Queen… Surrender for your crimes against the Crown and Queen”
Our Crimes:
Sexual harassment of royalty
Public indecency
Disturbing the peace
Destruction of private property
Murder of 4 Nobles of Court
(there were in fact a few witnesses)
End Session:
Tree on fire, standing in the rain while the dog and guard lie dead at our feet
Killing blows by Art and Tootsy respectively
+100 XP

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